Simon Made this 13-Yr-Old Scared to Sing—Now Watch Her Knock Him to His Knees With the Voice of 1,000 Angels

Simon slammed the first two contestants—but the second she opens her mouth, he’s SPEECHLESS.

Thirteen-year-old Laura Breton got the first Golden Buzzer of America’s Got Talent Season 11 when she stole the show with her unbelievable pipes. After watching the two acts before her get slammed, the teen was most nervous about Simon’s criticism as she walked out on stage.


“If he doesn’t like you, he will tell you the truth,” said Laura. “The truth hurts!”

Well it turns out, she had nothing to worry about. As soon as she hit the mic, the judges couldn’t believe what they were hearing come out of this 13-year-old powerhouse.

Simon said he didn’t think she’d be able to talk, much less sing—but he couldn’t have been more wrong

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