Shelter Cat Falls In Love With Man Who Visits, Will Stop At Nothing To Get His Attention

Apparently, love at first sight also applies to cats. This cute kitty was residing at a local shelter when she quickly wanted to get the attention of one the employees working at the Petsmart store.

In a couple of adorable photos that were shared online, you can see how this cat tries everything she can to make sure she goes home with her potential future owner.

Source: sarapefasthorse, Reddit

The Siamese mix was in need of a new, warm and cozy forever home and employees brought her into the center hoping that one of the visitors would adopt her. However, the kitten itself had other plans and wanted the young man who she’s had her eyes on from the beginning to adopt her.

The employee in question wanted to say hello to all of the new shelter pets, and this little cat definitely guaranteed that the young man would notice her. The kitty made sure to keep pawing his little window to try and say hello to the man.


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