Boy covered with sores after playing in bouncy house, now doctor’s sound warning to all parents

Brenda Sanderson was at a graduation party with her two sons, surrounded by friends and family. They even had a bouncy house that the children could play in and the boys were taking full advantage of it.

Two days after the event marks began to show up on the 10-year-old which worried her and she took him to the doctor immediately.

When the doctors examined the young child, they found out that the sores were from a staph infection. That infection came from bacteria that was found inside of the bouncy house. This can happen when the inflatable is not cleaned properly.

According to doctors, any type of an open cut or wound would pose a risk if there was bacteria present in the bouncy house.

Watch the video below to find out more about this potential danger, broadcast on the talk show “The Doctors.”

It’s important to insist that the company clean the bouncy house before they rent it out again to help prevent this happening to other children.

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