“Even today, Jesus is among you and me. We are not worshiping a god who was dead and buried, but a one who was resurrected and living till the end of the world. It is lord Jesus. Even today, the lord walks among us bearing the cross on his shoulders. Even right now, he is looking at you with his cross on his back. I wouldn’t be here to bless this cross statue, unless that wasn’t true. Jesus meets people who’d help him with the cross, on his way. There are people who’d be insulted, who’d be tortured even who will sacrifice their lives in the name of lord Jesus. They journey towards the eternal happiness in heaven, with Jesus and with the cross.”

His holiness apostle Rohan Lalith Aponsu made the above mentioned statement on 2016 Sep 17, Saturday at our lady’s’ shrine Katunayaka.

That day, a cross statue of lord Jesus was blessed by the hand of the apostle his holiness. This statue is 9 feet high .This 9 feet high cross statue was blessed by his holiness Apostle Rohan Lalith Aponsu.

In order to place it on the highest point of the gods palace, which was built very recently , on 2017 October 15, Sunday morning, this 9 feet high cross statue was placed on the newly built Gods’ palace.

In these photographs, you can see how the 9 feet high cross statue is ready to be lifted to the top of gods palace in our lady’s’ shrine  Katunayaka on 2017 Oct 15, Sunday.

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