Choose A Tarot Card To Give You Positivity On Your Life


is telling you the relationship definitely has something to do with marriage. Daniel might be here to help you heal past wounds from this or previous relationships, including childhood experiences. Be open to that healing.Allow Daniel and Archangels Michael & Raphael to embrace your heart with their courage and healing energy. Breathe in Heavenly love, and breathe out the pain – the past, the hurt, the betrayal and fear … none of that exists for you anymore. Live in the present, and allow love and life to be a gift for you – a gift of love that you deserve.If you have been putting off or wanting to start a new creative project, this card is validating that the time is now. Your soul longs to create and express itself.

CARD NUMBER 2: Angel Isaiah

is standing behind you, wrapping his wings around you, guiding and protecting you. There’s nothing to fear as you move forward with your new idea.Just like a pregnancy, your ideas and projects can be fragile, which need nurturing as they grow. Your angels are watching over you and protecting your newborn project.


This card has come to me many times. It is a card of Unconditional Love.
There are many people on this earth who have never experienced true unconditional love — the kind of love a pet or animal companion provides to us. This card is a call from the angels to connect with a special pet or animal companion to receive that precious love of the Creator, and is also a way to help us unlock that “inner child” within — the part of us that desperately, at times, needs that unconditional love of another being.Animals respond to your kind and gentle ways. You have a special understanding of them. You can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals, and you feel a call to help them. I am one of your guardian angels, and I am here to tell you on the beautiful ripple effect that your relationship with animals has created. You love for animals has also forged a deep bond and appreciation with you and the nature angels.All of the animals whom you have ever loved continue to be with you like guardian angels.

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