5 Year-Old Girl’s Inspirational Performance Of ‘You Raise Me Up’ Will Bring You To Your Knees

5 year old Celine Tam completely left the audience in tears when they heard this little girl angelically sing Josh Groban’s super inspirational song, “You Raise Me Up”.

For one it’s a super hard song to sing even for a well trained adult singer, but for a small child to take it on like she did… you can tell her voice is well beyond her years. God really blessed her with the voice of an angel and we think probably for the soul purpose of stepping onto this stage for all to hear.

This song was created by the duo Secret Garden, and it flew under the radar for the longest time but once Josh Groban released it in 2003 it shot to the top of the charts. It quickly became the #1 song on the US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. With over 125 covers since then.

If you haven’t seen little Celine pull the heart strings watch this INCREDIBLE live performance below!

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