The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine What Colour Your Energy Is


We may not be fully aware of it or we simply don’t appreciate it enough, but beauty is all around us. We live among breathtaking views, oceans and mountains, magical sunsets, night skies full with bright stars, sophisticated art, delicious foods, good people, the list is infinite. There are countless wonderful things guided by nature and the world.

Colors constitute the major part of the things which are considered beautiful. Imagine the world without colors: boring, lifeless and heavy. Except the bleaker outlook of the things, we’d also lack an ability to describe things, because we can tell a lot from the color of the thing.

A very simple example of this is an apple. Green apples are not as sweet as the yellow apples and brown or black apples are rotten.

The energy can also have an effect when we want to define something as beautiful or not. This is particularly true for people, and each and every person on this planet vibrates at a certain rate which leads to a radiation of our own special colored energy.

It is rooted deep down in our souls which specter of colors we are going to spread. They are also related to our auras because both of them are very personal and we can unknowingly pick up by other people.

While it is nearly impossible to see the colors of our energy, we can still determine it by your deep feelings. Judging from the reaction of your gut, we can say a lot about someone’s personality, which includes whether they are beautiful or not.

We receive instant information about who exactly others are, and just like the apple, our energy color tells a lot about people and influences their beliefs and their way of thinking.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in auras and energies or not, you will probably admit that there is something strange and incredible when you instantly somehow connect with someone.

In this quiz you will find many different beautiful images that can help you conclude what’s the exact color that is radiated directly from your soul. The pictures vibrate with calmness and tranquility and each photo has a purpose, they are not randomly chosen.
Quizzes like this represent art, and the images directly aim your subconscious in a way that they can bring out the colorful answer that is rooted deep inside of you.

Try the quiz now and enjoy the good vibrations!

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The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine What Colour Your Energy Is

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