My Clothes Never Were So White and Fresh After Washing, but My Neighbor Told Me a Secret Trick

You can make clothes impeccable with just 2 drops of this mix made at home. Everyone knows food and wine cannot be washed off clothes and is almost impossible.

Even most costly detergents cannot succeed. What can we do?

No worries, some tricks can remove stains easy. They make clothes white and market items cannot clean as good as DIY items. Also they have many chemicals.

We have the solution for this and the tricks are really easy.

See the tips below:


1. Baking soda

Make a mix of 1 cup baking soda, 4 l water and soak the clothes. After a few minutes be amazed

2. Lemon and vinegar

Add lemon juice and vinegar in the usual plain detergent and wash the clothes. This has a strong smell but removes stains perfectly.

3. Aspirin

In a bowl full of water add 6 crushed aspirin pills and soak the clothes. After 30 min, wash them with detergent and have them looking brand new.

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