Most Amazing Footage Of An Angle Ever Caught On Camera

You are about to witness the most amazing video of an Angel powering down from the Heavens and landing on earth with such grace.
The security camera is rolling as usual like it always does, however, no one ever expected to see such an amazing out of this world moment.

Within seconds the Angel flashes down from the sky like a bolt of lightening and lands as if it was superman. Then it spreads it’s big bright beautiful wings as it’s crouched down to one knee. From there the Angel stands up and you can see the almighty power of God flowing through it before it jets off into the sky again.
Some of believers say that angel is “Arc Angel Michael the 2nd strongest angel in heaven willing to destroy any demon that stands which is known as the protector angel from physical to spiritual this angel protects us from all evil once you call it. and if you do call it expect a change of energy around you. Yes it’s very real willing to save you from anything when you call it for help. God loves you amen.

Check this video out for yourself it’s breath taking! We are so happy to share this with you. It’s a sign that God is still on the thrown and if needed – He will – send an Angel to accomplish any mission.

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